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Seaside 88 Capital, LLC, a Florida limited liability company, has a narrowly focused business of providing innovatively structured growth capital to both privately held and publicly traded companies.






Many small and mid-sized companies have trouble obtaining growth capital from traditional sources. The size of the companies' needs are usually too modest to interest managers of very large pools of capital, and banks often balk at lending to entities that don't have extended records of profitability and significant collateral.


Seaside strives to fill that market niche with innovatively structured financing packages tailored to companies' specific requirements. Our managers have financed hundreds of companies and committed hundreds of millions of capital. Industries have included healthcare (both pharma and medical devices), oil and gas, technology, metals and mining, and a wide range of other sectors. Most of our financings have been sole funded, but we are now actively interested in co-investing with selected third parties on specific transactions.


Revenue-Share Financing


Seaside targets companies seeking capital in the range of $500,000 to $2,000,000. Payments for such capital may be tied to future revenue generation, unit shipments, or other measurable mileposts.


We focus on providing capital to companies that have proven demand for their products and/or services and generally avoid seed funding because most of the earliest-stage companies have unattractive risk profiles. Clients may be either privately held or publicly traded.


Companies funded with revenue-sharing agreements enjoy the following benefits:



Payments for the capital are variable, depending on the performance of the underlying metric (revenues, unit shipments, etc.), thereby giving the clients a degree of flexibility if their businesses do not grow in accordance with expectations.



The client suffers no dilution of its equity (except in the case of a default).


The pre-money valuation of the client is not a sticking point in the negotiation, because Seaside does not purchase any equity.



Clients have a right to terminate the agreement early in exchange for a buyout payment.


Most of Seaside's agreements have no commitment fees, warrants, ratchets, resets, lockups, broker tails, Board representations, personal guarantees, etc. that are so prevalent in traditional equity financings.


Follow-on rounds considered.


Companies interested in exploring a revenue-share financing are encouraged to contact either of Seaside's Managing Partners at the emails or phone numbers listed at the bottom of this page.


Other Financings


Seaside will occasionally consider more-traditional financings, including bridge loans and private placements of debt, equity, and convertible securities.



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