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Bridges 1, LLC,




Bridges 1 is a Florida Limited Liability Company that provides bridge financing to publicly traded small and mid-cap companies in the process of raising a larger amount of capital through a registered broker dealer.




We have a strict focus in the bridge arena, a highly experienced management team, strong relationships in the brokerage community, and quality securities counsel and other third-party service providers.



Bridge Financing



Each year a large number of publicly traded companies raise additional debt and equity capital through placements managed by registered broker dealers.Such capital raises typically take four to six months to complete.Many companies going through that process require a smaller financing to bridge their capital requirements until the brokers deliver the proceeds from the larger capital raise.




Benefits to the issuers include immediate access to capital while a larger raise is in progress, and little time or attention required by senior management, thereby allowing them to focus on running the company and marketing the larger capital raise.




Many traditional sources of capital for smaller companies shy away from bridge rounds because the amounts are too large for friends and families and too small for large pools of capital.In addition, bridge financing requires a high level of expertise and an attention to detail.



Deal Sourcing




Our managers have established channels of communication with many brokerage firms that are looking to us to provide their clients with bridge financing.




Our broker-dealer contacts tell us that sourcing bridge financing for their client companies is a particularly difficult task and that they would be in a stronger competitive position to sign up new clients if they had a ready source of bridge capital.








We will fund a broker's client only after the broker has committed to begin the capital raise for that client.





We structure our financing to be paid back, together with our profit, upon completion of the issuer's larger capital raise.





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